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Upperco, MD 21155

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1. Vintage 1962 Goebel German Shepherd Statue

    *This raffle ticket is $5.00 per ticket*

2. Basket of Cheer - 2 Wines (local) & 3 Whiskey          (Jack, Sagamore Rye & Jamison)

     *This raffle ticket is $5.00 per ticket*

3. Two Pups In a Basket

4. Stain Glass GSD

5. Large Hiking Vest

6. GSD Framed Picture

7. Jim Shore GSD Statue

8. Folding Chair

9. Ultracruz Canine Gift Basket

10. Gift Basket #2

11. Treat Basket - Paw print canvas basket filled with Sam's Doggie Cookies. Orka Dog Frisbee, Bark Bone Bacon Flavored Chew Toy

12. Treat Basket 2 - Canvas basket with Paw print, stuffed with variety of treats, toys, fleece dog themed blanket, dog wipes & Doggie Waste bags.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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