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The primary purpose of our club is to bring together, in a social and supportive setting, individuals who are interested in owning, training, showing, breeding, working with, or just appreciating the German Shepherd dog (GSD).

Club members include breeders and handlers, dog training instructors, and individuals who actively show in conformation or compete in dog performance activities such as obedience, agility, tracking, and protection work.

Many members are German Shepherd Owners that want to participate in the clubs many activities and events so that they can socialize their dogs (and themselves), have fun, learn about the many things that German Shepherds are capable of, and generally appreciate the many wonderful aspects of the German Shepherd Dog. Many of these folks eventually get “hooked” on something and may decide to compete in an area that they enjoy and have potential.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Washington, DC (GSDCGW) was incorporated as a domestic, non-profit corporation in the District of Columbia on May 15, 1954.


We are a proud member club of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America

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